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Arrowhead Farmstead is owned and operated by Tim Stockel (Farmer Tim) since 2021. Farmer Tim is not new to farming — over a decade ago, Farmer Tim created and implemented the Agritourism concept (farming, plus entertainment) at Happy Day Farm. Farmer Tim created an environment where visitors can learn about farm life while experiencing a fun-filled day on the farm. 


When Farmer Tim heard his neighbors farm was up for sale, he was excited at the idea of expansion in such close proximity to Happy Day Farm. The farmstead is situated on 150 picturesque acres. Farmer Tim has utilized 50% of the land to grow over 15 varieties of pumpkins which supplement the busy Fall Festival at Happy Day Farm. 


Our farm name, Arrowhead Farmstead, originated from the collection of Arrowheads and Indian artifacts found on the surrounding properties. Some of these artifacts, including a Tomahawk Ax, were donated to the Manalapan Township historical society and are on display at Town Hall. 


We are working hard to restore the land and barns to their full potential. The farmstead will be open to the public in late-August where we plan to host a flower festival. 

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